The 7 Best Men’s Recommended Messenger Bags For 2018

by admin on September 10, 2016

The men’s messenger bag is one of the modern apparels in 2016 that can be said to be an evolution of a long-standing history of a long line of barely effective briefcases. And if you always commute a reasonable every day to and fro work, then you already know that messenger bags are a convenient way for guys to haul their stash ( documents, tablets, laptops, office files) around. Not only are they more functional than most traditional briefcases, they are also better-looking, and not forgetting, stylishly fashionable. So if you’re that suave man looking to up his wardrobe, here are some of the bags you should have your eyes trained on;

1. Herschel

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This subtle dark or light grey bag – one of Herschel’s flagship – is a downright steal. What’s more, it is of great value as much as it of an affordable pricing. And if you’re anything like us, you will also find the Dopp kit and the camo business card case comfortingly handy.

2. Lexon

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As a well-known French designer brand, it is also not surprising that LEXON made it to this list. This bag, which boasts a distinctive design has an array of cutting-edge features all which are the handiwork of renowned designers Karim Rashid and Phillipe Stark. This includes the hidden front pocket feature set and the multi-layered fabric pattern that makes it easier for one to everything in the bag in a neat order.

3. Eastpak

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EASTPAK US is a reputable bag manufacturer in the States that are known for their legendary NORTH FACE, NAUTICA brand. Some of their other notable productions are JanSport and the Classic 620 series. In other words, with this wild, solid color that is punctuated and accentuated with a chic, square verticle design that gives it that stylish ‘manly’ look,

4. Anello

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Hailing from the eastern shores of Japan, this formula shoulder bag brings to light a peculiar style that we can see replicated even in the ladieswear section. The bag mouth has a zipper design and internal purse design where one can hide and secure their delicate valuables such as a phone, wallet or expensive watch. What’s more, with this Japanese-inspired men’s shoulder bag there is a wide range of colors to choose from. And thanks to this, both men and women can use it.

5. Osprey

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For those who are well-versed in matters fashion, Osprey is a famous, well-respect American backpack manufacturer. And so it shouldn’t be surprising that they have also lined up a good number of classic models of messenger bags for outdoor use. A good example of this is the Osprey Packs Pixel Port which is a beautiful daily commute chic bag that would fit into any man’s wardrobe without demanding for major overhauls. And as a bonus, you get plenty of zippered pockets where you can hide a variety of items such as your smartphone, sunglasses, wallet and credit cards etc.

6. Cote & Ciel

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This stylish ( and a bit showy) messenger bag is for that man who has a carefree, flamboyant, free-style sense of fashion. Given it’s ‘outgoing’ design, the Cote & Ciel bag can fit seamless in any situation; be it formal or informal.

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