Targus Drifter II Backpack Review

by admin on September 29, 2013

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If you are searching for the perfect computer backpack to use for school, work, or even travel, look no further. This Targus Drifter II Backpack review will show you that this bag is exactly what you are looking for. This high quality backpack is loaded with compartments to safely carry all of your possessions so that you can find them again. The computer compartment is well padded, and large enough to carry a laptop with a 17 inch monitor. There is file storage for your paperwork, and there are small pockets designed to carry your phone, music player, business cards or even pens. Not only is the bag highly usable, but the heavy duty nylon material makes this durable bag built to last. The zipper pulls and attachments are all metal, not fragile plastic. The bottom of the bag is waterproof, so if it gets set in a puddle, your things won’t be ruined. Plus, the Targus Drifter II Backpack is stylish, look around on commuter trains and college campuses….everyone is carrying a computer backpack.

This is the one of the most comfortable backpacks out there. Padded shock absorbing shoulder straps make carrying the bag comfortable. The bag is designed to distribute the weight of what you carry evenly, so you won’t have a sore back at the end of the day.

Large roomy compartments are big enough to fit a 17 inch monitor, and still carry everything else you might need to take along. Whether you are a student or a businessperson, you need to carry files, paperwork and bits of information. The Targus Drifter II has room to organize all of it.


But don’t worry about losing the little stuff like your phone or business cards, there are lots of pockets for accessories. There are special padded pockets for your phone, music player and sunglasses. Side pockets hold 2 water bottles. The back even has a secret compartment to hide your wallet and keys.

Targus uses durable heavy duty nylon materials to construct their backpacks, and metal zipper pulls This bag is tough, and the bottom is waterproof. But that doesn’t meant that you will get hot and sweaty carrying it, the back is not only padded, the padding is covered with a breathable mesh.


1. Large enough to safely carry a 17″ laptop.
2. Padded inside to protect that same 17″ laptop.
3. Loads of compartments to put everything neatly away. It even has file storage.
4. Secret compartment for wallet, keys and/or ID.
5. Padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry.
6. Made from tough heavy duty nylon.
7. Zipper pulls and connectors are made of metal.

1. The Targus Drifter is a bit large, it is designed to carry a 17″ laptop after all, so if you prefer a smaller backpack, this might not be the right one for you.
2. Does not have an inner support system, so it slumps down a bit when it’s not loaded with a computer. This isn’t a major concern, unless you have a thing about your backpack always sitting up straight.


The Targus Drifter II Backpack is well made, well designed and well priced. It is the perfect fit for students, or young business professionals who carry their computers with them, but it is also a great backpack for anyone who wants to get away, but still have a safe way to carry their laptop along. This backpack will not disappoint.

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