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The Case Logic DLBP-116 16-Inch Laptop Backpack (Black) is a rare find in the world of laptop backpacks. It does not resemble the bulky and square shape of other laptop backpacks but instead has a stylish and creative look that rates high with consumers. This lightweight polyester pack contains room for both a computer, notebooks, and other supplies. This backpack is designed to be both practical and stylish, but is this a practical choice? See what other users have found and learn about the pros and cons of this Case Logic backpack.


The main compartment is suitable for laptops up to 16.4″ and is padded on both sides with a high density foam for maximum protection. This compartment has enough room to store a laptop and books, making it a practical choice for a student or professional. Users can also take advantage of the laptop compartment for extra storage space when opting to go without the laptop.

The accessory storage is what makes the DLBP-116 stand out against the competition though. Inside, there is an elevated pocket storage panel that can be used for mp3 players, a cellphone, and other basic electronics. This pocket is scratch resistant to ensure that screens are not damaged while being moved around. The spacious bottom of the compartment has plenty of room for storing bulky items like headphones or charges. On the other side, there is a zippered pocket designed for private items like an ID, wallet, and keys. Finally, there are two side pockets that can be used for water bottles or other accessories.

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Since this backpack carries a lot, comfort is an important feature. The shoulder straps are padded and aligned with air mesh to allow for maximum comfort while carrying. Also, the yoke connects to the straps allowing for an even weight distribution. The strap management system keeps any excess strap material secured away from users and rolled up. This pack is designed to hold multiple heavy items without producing back strain.

This polyester pack is made from PVC free materials and weighs in at only 1.54 pounds. It has outside dimensions of 16.7″ by 14″ which is slimmer than similar laptop backpacks available today.


1. Comes with a 25-year warranty.
2. Pretty and svelte for a laptop backpack. Users universally praise this backpack for its high storage in a slim profile.
3. Reasonably priced.
4. Multiple pockets make it easy to stay organized.
4. Easy to use, adjustable straps


1. The straps may be too wide for smaller people.
2. The bag material isn’t reinforced.
3. May not last as long as other, more expensive bags.

Final Words

This Case Logic DLBP Laptop Backpack may not be the same back that you’ll be using 25 years from now, but it’s economical price tag make this fairly obvious to consumers. The attractive and thoughtful design of the pack draw in buyers from both the student and professional populations and it rates very highly on design, usability, and comfort. If you’re looking for a stylish and practical case that you can use every day, this is a great choice.

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Designed by Swiss Gear, the SA 1923 ScanSmart is a rugged, well-balanced backpack suited for carrying laptops, sensitive electronics and personal belongings. The many compartments and pockets offer secure storage space for binders, MP3 players, water bottles and more. The backpack is an excellent choice for commuters and outdoor enthusiasts, with quick access to the contents through toughened zippers. Security checks at airports offer no obstacle with the logical layout of the interior and fast access to any pocket.

The SwissGear SA1923 is constructed from tough, reinforced fabrics to securely protect laptops and tablet computers. The quick access laptop compartment is padded, delivering extra protection. Smaller electronics are held snugly in pockets, with the overall design of the backpack being well organized, enabling access to gear quickly and efficiently. The main compartment of the backpack is spacious and allows folk to find belongings with minimum rummaging.

Contoured shoulder straps and a lightweight design make carrying the backpack comfortable and effortless. The built-in airflow system aligns to the back, ensuring pain free hauling of heavy loads. A side pocket is ideally placed to carry a water bottle, and there’s even an elastic eyeglass holder on the shoulder strap for conveniently holding sunglasses.

The pouches and pockets of the highly functional SwissGear SA1923 backpack have been engineered to hold the vast array of belongings a traveler carries in the technology heavy world of today. There’s mesh storage for battery chargers and cables. The Smallest pockets are provided specifically for smartphones. Dividers in the main compartment increase organizational efficiency, and thinner compartments keep important paperwork and travel documents at hand. There’s a tiny slit on top of the backpack, which allows a headphone cable to be passed through, letting commuters listen to music on the move.


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Tough fabrics
  • Logically organized pockets
  • Extra padding for a laptop
  • Affordable


  • May be too tight to contain a 17″ laptop
  • More padding would be nice
  • Laptop enters from the side and not the top

Overall, the SwissGear SA 1923 is a sturdy and affordable backpack, ideal for commuters and world traveler’s. The many zips, compartments and pockets allow quick and efficient movement through security checks, and the extra padding gives peace of mind to those carrying expensive laptops and tablet devices.



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The Swissgear1775 Black laptop Backpack from the maker of genuine Swiss Army knife. The backpack is made for functionality and convenience that make it unique from the competition. It is an incredible high capacity backpack that is durable. It has incredible features to accommodate for every accessory from your sunglasses, room for your entire essential and a dedicated audio interface.


The first compartment 15’’ in size is reserved for the laptop with a laptop sleeve to protect from both sides as well as the bottom. The compartment contains two large elastic mesh that you can fit various accessories of your choice. The second compartment is the one that makes the Swiss gear 1775 more relevant to students. The high capacity for binders makes it essential for notes books, books or several clothes during vacation.

Audio interface

The main compartment also contain a unique mp3 player holder and a headphones hole which connect with the external headphones port. The medium size compartment is capable holding additional accessories, pencils, usb sticks, pens, mp3 player, business cards, and media and still has more space for more accessories or even books.

In front of the pack there is an additional mini panel that can be used to store accessoriesor for other gadget. In case you have sunglasses the shoulder strap provides a holder for your sunglasses. There are also side pockets for your water bottles which obviously come in handy.


The backpack is remarkably unique lightweight with ample room for storage also with a shoulder support and a high quality back. The contoured straps shoulder with thick padding makes it comfortable even when using only one of the straps. The air flow back panel plays a big role in reducing sweating and provides protection padding to your back removing some of the strain.


A separate compartment for laptop with mesh pockets for storing other electronic gear.

The main compartment contains a pocket to store an audio player near the top the pack’s upper wall contain a hole that allows you to thread through your headphone cable with a flap to cover the hole incase it rains very hard.

It has durable side pockets for carrying water bottles. The mesh pocket are durable and elastic than the previous pack.

The previous pack had a sheet of plastic inside with sharp edges that use to cut through the bottom of the wall this has been replaced with a better wall sheet.


The air flow design is the major problem as it does absolutely nothing. I usually feel the whole backpack pressing me when my back is sweaty as there is no air permitted to flow. My previous backpack was much better because of the two semi foam protrusion that were running along the height of the pack allowing the air to flow.

Because of the limp pack material sometime it is hard to zip the backpack.


The swissgear1775 is a sophisticated and highly functional backpack sleek in design with incredible amount of space, compact size and lightweight.

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The Knomo Balham Falmouth laptop backpack is a slim city backpack designed to bring a vintage-feel to the fast-paced world of modern technology. This semi-structured pack is made of coated cotton canvass and is further enhanced with natural raw edge leather trim elements and brass hardware. Its shoulders are made from soft nylon woven straps.

But the question is – Does it meet the cut or is it just another over-hyped product?

Let us take an unbiased review of each of its features to see how the backpack measures up against the competition.

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* Style

Knomo is made of nylon woven shoulder straps that are padded in the back for ease of transport and extra comfort. Besides that, a creative flap closure (with a vintage look bridge lock) is included on the side. Its interior is further reinforced with soft material and then finished with bright lining. Whichever way you look at it, this backpack plays by the rules of modern fashion – and still manages to bring some old-aged fashion statements back to life.

* Material

The durability of a backpack is often determined by the kind of materials used to make it. A good material should be lightweight (2.2lbs), soft, flexible but still strong enough to last long. This backpack from Knomo is made using natural raw edge leather trim combined with lightly coated cotton canvas twill fabric and antique brass hardware to ensure it last long. The quality of the materials is excellent and the stitching is strong and intact making this backpack a worthwhile investment.

* Size

This bag measures 16 inches height and 11.75 inches width which is the most popular size of most backpacks. This means it does not hang more than four inches below the waist hence cannot cause any injury. Designed to carry all types of laptops and tablets, the bag has a snug and secure fit. Irrespective of the size of your device, you can rest assured to find space for it easily. The bag has has a shoulder drop of 16 inches.

* Brand

Knomo is a well known brand all thanks to its careful craftsmanship and their quality bags. Their products are of great functionality and of reliable quality. Their stylish and functional bags and backpacks are all-rounders for every day. They have a team of international designers from London with extensive experience to satisfy even the very demanding customers. Therefore, this is a brand you can trust when it comes to quality and reliability.

* Low-Key profile

The Knomo Balham Falmouth backpack despite being stylish it does not advertise itself as such. Its simplicity makes it a low-key profile. This makes it safe to walk around with your laptop and tablet because it is difficult to know what is inside.

Summary of its Specs

Not only is the Falmouth 15 inch backpack modest in design, but it is also features well thought-out specs. For instance, it only weighs 2.2lbs meaning that it is light and quite easy to carry around. Moreover, it comes with a 2 year warranty giving the buyer a sense of assurance of getting good value for money. If you are a techie man who carries a lot of electronics on a daily basis – then this is the go to bag. You can pack up your laptop, tablets, portable charger and all your other things and still have plenty of room for more.

Final word;

Unless you don’t like stuff made from canvas material, everything else about this laptop backpack is pretty much well taken care of.


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